Product development

Customized solutions for every market

Do you need an individual product under your branding or do you want to have an innovative mixture? We are the right partner. Our experienced production development team creates recipes precisely tailored to meet your expectations. However, the best solution for you may also lie in concepts or products that have already been developed and we would be happy to present these to you.


  • Experienced development team
  • Customised packaging solutions
  • Individual product development
  • Large selection of ready-made concepts and recipes
  • Short times to market

1. Ideas and expectations

Your ideas and expectations are the starting point. We would be happy to have a joint brainstorming session with you.

2. Design and recipes

We now create a rough concept and initial recipes.

You receive samples for initial tasting and evaluation in this phase.

3. Packaging and costs

We then produce initial proposals in line with your expectations for suitable packaging, along with a rough indication of costs.

4. Development of the final product

After approval of the recipe and packaging, we summarise all the relevant product information in a specification. We forward the print data created by you to our packaging manufacturer.

5. Start of production

When all the raw materials and packaging materials are available, we plan the production of your own brand.