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Davert is a specialist in cereals, rice and pulses of the finest organic quality. Oilseeds and sugar are further classic products in our range. Our innovative convenience products, such as boil-in-the-bag, pan-fry, soup or burger mixes respond to the trend for fast, healthy food.

Select the ingredients you want from our huge range to create your own brand.

Take advantage of our global network. We procure new organic raw materials for you from your region, from Germany and from all over the world.


  • Many years of purchasing competence
  • Diverse standard range
  • Classic individual products
  • Development of innovative, trendsetting products
  • Customer-specific sourcing

Ancient, international cereal types and cereals products

  • wheat
  • rye
  • kamut
  • oat
  • spelt
  • millet
  • buckwheat
  • amaranth
  • quinoa (white, red, black)
  •  Bulgur, Couscous, Polenta


  • peas
  • chickpeas
  • mungbeans
  • black and white beans
  • pintobeans
  • soybeans
  • azukibeans
  • lentils (green, black, brown, yellow)
  • mixture of different pulses

Rice specialities

  • brown (round, long, Thaibonnet)
  • white (round, long, Thaibonnet)
  • Parboiled rice
  • Black rice
  • Red Rice
  • Basmati (demeter, transfair)
  • Thai rice
  • Jasmin Rice
  • Aborio Rice
  • Risotto Rice
  • Suhsi Rice


  • sunflower seeds
  • natural sesam seeds
  • brown and golden flax
  • Poppy seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • mixture of oilseeds


  • pan dishes
  • boil-in-bag products
  • soups
  • burgers
  • cups

Sugar (raw cane sugar, whole cane sugar)

  • raw cane sugar
  • whole can sugar
  • coconut blossom sugar