With Davert on the safe side

Quality is our trading principle. Internal quality management is responsible for delivery quality, product safety and coordination of all operating processes. For us, ensuring maximum quality also means that we constantly record the authenticity of our products through uninterrupted proofs of origin and accurate product documentation


  • Certification according to IFS, higher level
  • Modern cleaning system
  • Exclusive use of organic goods
  • Comprehensive quality controls
  • Intensive collaboration with external laboratories


Quality assurance

In order to meet our quality requirement for raw goods, we constantly carry out intensive inspections of goods. In addition to visual and sensory inspections, the products are also examined for foreign bodies.

The multi-stage cleaning system is the guarantor of safe products directly on our site, providing customised cleaning of individual batches of the raw goods supplied. In order to exclude any possibility of pest infestation from the outset and to guarantee maximum product safety, we always use our own in-house CO2 pressure treatment system.